Downtown Wichita's Parking Problem: Part II

It's a common belief that parking in downtown Wichita is scarce -- but it's not true. What is little-seen and rarely understood is the web of policies that enforce and incentivize an auto-oriented development pattern.

Downtown Wichita's Parking Problem: Part I

Downtown Wichita has more parking spaces than people. The NCAA Tournament reminds us of our challenges breaking away from car-dependence.

Of course, if your options are either spend ten minutes braving the unpredictable Kansas weather whilst trudging across windswept swaths of nothingness or spend two minutes in the comfort of your climate-controlled glass-and-steel cage in carefree search of (usually free) parking... you will choose the latter. 

The Story of the Mysterious Plungers

We did it.

On the morning of Saturday, February 18, members of the Yellowbrick Street Team set out to draw attention to the poorly-designed intersection of 1st & Washington – notorious in the cycling community for cars improperly using the bike lane as a right turn lane, endangering and discomforting both cyclists and car drivers. We took a dozen toilet plungers wrapped with reflective tape and secured them to each side of the bike lane with masonry adhesive...