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Yellowbrick Urban uses a place-led development model to reposition properties and revitalize neighborhoods.

We focus on real estate development and investment in:

Historic Properties | Mixed-Use | Value-Added Repositioning


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From single-family homes in walkable neighborhoods to apartment buildings downtown, we offer experience and expertise in urban living.



Our approach to commercial properties is not simply to make sound investments, but to strengthen neighborhoods. Our business spaces act as third places.



Vibrant cities depend on density and proximity. Properties that combine live, work, and play are at the core of our place-led development model.

Economic value


Cultural Value

are not

mutually exclusive



Our place-led development model focuses first on creating properties people love. Each project engages its residents and tenants with the broader community by inviting ideation and co-creation. Our projects are more than buildings -- they are social experiences. 

We let the building and its bones guide its development, aligning the property with the larger context of the city's cultural fabric. Our projects add as much to their community as they do to their investors and users. Often we extend our projects beyond the property lines, using innovative placemaking techniques to enhance the broader neighborhood.

We believe that cities evolve at the speed of trust. We treat all partners with the same high level of respect and care -- from bankers and investors to tenants and contractors to government officials and neighbors. It's also why we believe in radical transparency -- curious minds can download site plans, building layouts, and financial pro forma for every project.



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    When we look at a project, we focus not only on the property itself, but on its context within the broader urban fabric. Projects that work with our model meet these criteria:

    Located in a walkable neighborhood, with a well-connected street network

    Exhibit architectural character, and are surrounded by the same

    Have a strong relationship with the street and public spaces

    Close proximity to natural assets, parks, multimodal infrastructure, and third places

    Can be economically developed or retrofitted to support good urbanism


    Our Projects

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    Fountain Duplex

    Value-Add Investment

    Wichita, KS


    Legacy Antique Building.png

    BUZZ Live + Work

    Adaptive Reuse

    Historic Redevelopment

    Wichita, KS

    (Concept Proposal)

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    We love to work with investors who see beyond the bottom line. We believe we can generate solid financial returns while positively transforming neighborhoods. Are you interested in using your capital to create both economic and social value? Let's talk:

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